What is any event without a few rules … by picking up your race packet you agree to all of the following:

For the Triathlon or the Duathlon, you must have a valid USAT certification and you agree to present that to race volunteers or staff. It can be either one day or annual. The Trail Run is exempt from this policy.

You agree to be respectful of all competitors participating (it after all isn’t all about you — though you are important to us); follow all trail and course markings; follow the directions of all volunteers, staff, emergency personnel, law enforcement, etc.; and to leave the facility better than you found it, properly disposing of all waste and not damaging any property.

You agree to hold harmless, indemnify and defend XTERRA Ionia, the organizers, participants, timers, sponsors and other participants from and against any and all claims for injury, illness or death. Life is to be lived, and it has some risks involved!

You understand that there are NO REFUNDS and agree to not allow any other participant to utilize your race numbers or entry. For safety reasons you are the only person who may compete with your entry. There are NO TRANSFERS UNLESS the event reaches the maximum of 300 participants and then transfers will be permitted IF you do each of the following:
1. complete the formal transfer process at least 24 hours in advance of the event including compliance with all conditions imposed on transfers;
2. pay the $30 transfer fee (and understand that all benefits you would have received will be transferred to the new participant);
3. the transferee agrees to all terms, conditions and releases required for participation.

Bandit/Unregistered Participants are strictly prohibited! You are not welcome in our transition areas, aid areas and you may not compete. Please stay off course at all times. Participation without registration will be considered trespass as well as theft.

Challenged athletes division (will start immediately after last wave of main field):

1. Severe Leg Impairment
2. Moderate Leg Impairment
3. Arm Impairment
4. Visual impairment
5. Les Autres

Same course as adults.